Seayos, the first standalone GPS for scuba divers

For a safer, more enriching and more serene dive 🐳
Designed by divers, for divers 👌
Made in France 🐓


Simple ideas are often the best! SEAYOS is easy to use and reliable. Furthermore, it is completely insensitive to interferences such as obstacles, underwater relief or thermoclines and it does not disturb the environment!



SEAYOS is completely autonomous and does not require surface beacon nor any device on/under the boat. It can be attached to the BCD and accompanies divers during all along their dive.
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SEAYOS non only allows you to find your boat at the end of your dive (or the shore!), but it can also register (from underwater!) your position and guide you towards any point of interest. Its PC interface opens the door to cartographic use!


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Our mission?

Enrich divers' experience while increasing their security.

How many divers never got lost? None! Indeed, localization underwater is much more difficult than it is on land... Depending on sites, there may be poor visibility, stream, no visual cues, ... and to get lost underwater may have catastrophic consequences! We've developped the SEAYOS to respond to this major problem: it allows each diver to find serenely his way back (whether it is a shore dive or a boat dive).

Beyond this security aspect SEAYOS is a real versatile device aimed at enriching divers' experience. Among other things it can record,while diving, three-dimensional positions (geodetic coordinates and depth), guide you to any registered point of interest and transfer all the collected data to its PC interface for numeric processing, especially cartographic.

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Our concept?

Capture the satellite signals on the surface... while remaining at the bottom!

SEAYOS is based on an original and patented idea, whose simplicity guarantees its reliability. Since GPS devices don't receive signals underwater, the principle is to capture the satellite signals on the surface while still diving. More specifically, SEAYOS is a waterproof case containing a multi-constellation receiver (GPS, Galileo, Glonass and Beidou) whose positive buoyancy allow it to go spontaneously to the surface. It takes only a few seconds to capture the satellite signals. Then the diver can bring it back to the bottom with a diving spool.

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SEAYOS: for whom?

For all divers, recreational and professional!

We've developped 2 ranges of products to meet the needs of all divers, both recreational and professional! For recrational divers, we offer 3 differents models : SEAYOS Back, SEAYOS Track and SEAYOS Tek. Our professional range is also composed of three specific models. For further information, please visit our website dedicated to professional divers:

The SEAYOS Back model is for recreational divers who want above all to increase their security. It enables them primarily to locate themselves underwater and guides them to their entry point (whether it's a boat dive or a shore dive). souhaitant avant tout augmenter

The SEAYOS Track is for divers who both want to increase their security and enrich their diving experience. It has a pressure sensor that allow three-dimensional position records (geodetic coordinates and depth). It is working with a PC interface allowing to exploit the collected data (notably through Google Earth). It also enables the transfer of known coordinates to the SEAYOS in order to be guided to a specific spot during a future dive.

The SEAYOS Tek is aimed at divers looking for more functionalities and/ or making deeper dives. It has several functions complementing whose of the SEAYOS Track like the continuous recording of routes on the surface or the multi-point guiding.

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Our approach

Each Seayos is unique... like you!

Because each diver is different, we decided to produce SEAYOS upon request with an individual customer treatment. Blue, orange, green, ...? The choice is yours! Among a specific range of colours for each model of SEAYOS, choose the colour of each component of your SEAYOS.

An environmentally-friendly production

The chosen mode of production (high quality manufacture, made in France, small-scale approach) contributes to environmental preservation (and in particular the sea and the ocean!), avoiding over production, reducing waste (no useless plastic overpacking!) and transportation of finished goods, and banishing planned obsolescence.

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The SEAYOS in video

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